Kurdish protesters gather at Heathrow Airport as anti-Isis demonstrations are held across Europe

Protesters across Europe have demanded more help for Kurdish forces in Kobani

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Kurdish protesters have gathered at Heathrow Airport today as anti-Isis demonstrations were held across Europe.

Protesters across the continent have demanded more help for besieged Kurdish forces struggling to hold the Syrian town of Kobani.

Demonstrators in Heathrow's Terminal Two held flags and anti-Isis placards during a protest at the airport today.

A passenger at the airport said travellers were ushered into a separate check-in area as the protest took place.

Journalist Lisa Campbell, who was travelling to Frankfurt, told The Independent: "As I arrived at the entrance to the check-in lounge guards rushed out to turn us away, saying they are closing the entrance and to use the adjacent one.

"Passengers were diverted to use the alternate entrance and when we got into the check-in lounge the volume of the protesters' chants could be heard loudly over the announcements, it was quite an intimidating atmosphere.

"There were some sitting and some standing in a semi-circle form holding placards and banners about Isis. I think they were chanting 'Unite against Isis'. At one point they were chanting 'Women unite against Isis'."

Riot police block Kurdish protesters as they gather in front of the entrance of the European Parliament in Brussels (AP)

A Heathrow spokesman said: "There is currently a peaceful protest taking place in Terminal 2 in the departures area against Isis.

"Heathrow supports the right for peaceful protest. There is no impact on operations and passengers can travel as normal through the airport."

The protest was held as activists across Europe took part in demonstrations to demand more help for Kurdish forces in Kobani.

Some protesters clashed with police in Turkey while others forced their way into the European Parliament in Brussels.

Some European countries are arming the Kurds or firing airstrikes against the Islamic extremists, but protesters say it isn't enough.

Turkish police used water cannons and tear gas against demonstrators protesting along the Turkey-Syria border.

In Brussels, about 50 Kurdish protesters smashed a door and pushed past police to get into the European Parliament on Tuesday, while 600 other Kurds demonstrated in Berlin.

Kurdish protesters overnight occupied the Dutch Parliament and protested at the French Parliament.