Labour misses out on Welsh Assembly majority

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Labour emerged victorious in the Welsh Assembly elections today - but narrowly missed out on securing an overall majority.

Carwyn Jones' party comprehensively beat their rivals, winning 30 of the Senedd's 60 seats.

But it was unable to get to the "magic figure" of 31, which would result in Labour being able to form a majority government. ]

Today's poll result saw Labour increase its AMs from the 2007 election by four and former coalition partners Plaid Cymru slip into third place after shedding four seats.

The Conservatives endured a "bitter-sweet" morning, managing to increase their number of Assembly Members by two but losing leader Nick Bourne after he was defeated in the Mid and West Wales region.

And the Liberal Democrats, who endured a torrid time in the Scottish and English local elections, managed to pull themselves back from the brink, with five of their members returning to for the Siambr - the same number it had before the Assembly went into recess.

Labour leader Carwyn Jones, who retained his seat in Bridgend, said: "Thirty seats is a good result - we've made gains across Wales.

"To get up to 30 seats with the electoral system we have is quite an achievement.

"The task now is to make sure we are in a position to form a Labour-led government, because that's what the people of Wales have shown they want.

"Over the next few days all the parties will be considering their positions.

"The opposition parties have had some severe disappointments and things need to settle before they think about their position.

"But from our point of view it's important there is a government in place."