Lamborghini Aventador towed away from London street after three-way crash

The £250,000 car was part of crash involving a BMW on Mother's Day

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A rare Lamborghini supercar worth a quarter of a million pounds was involved in a three-car collision in the exclusive London neighbourhood of Kensington on Sunday.

The matt-black Aventador was damaged on its front, and had to be towed from the scene of the crash in Sloane Street - well-known for its wealthy residents.

Witnesses told the Evening Standard that the Lamborghini was in a collision with a hatchback, causing it to veer off into a parked car.

A BMW caught up in a three-car crash involving a Lamborghini Aventador

After the crash, during which no one was hurt, shoppers in Sloane Street gathered around and took photos and videos.

Art consultant Lila Afshar returned from a Mother’s Day lunch with her two daughters to find her BMW had been the caught up in the collision.

Ms Afshar, from St John’s Wood, told the newspaper: “We showed up about three hours after the incident and there was a letter on the windshield.

“The Lamborghini was being towed away and the owner came up and explained what had happened.  He was really apologetic about it.”