Leveson: the winners and losers



Where they stand: the interested parties

The Lib-Lab coalition

Pleased to have given less ground than Cameron. The fact talks were held in his office will not harm Ed Miliband’s leadership credentials. He says the deal will protect ‘future victims’ of press intrusion, while Nick Clegg says it is ‘everything I had hoped for’.

Paul Dacre

Mulling his next move. In a joint statement with The Telegraph and News International, the Daily Mail Group says the  draft charter contains ‘several deeply contentious issues’ which have not yet been resolved.

David Cameron

Had to soften his position more than his opponents did. Although he claims to be ‘delighted’ at the deal, he will anxiously await the reaction of the brooding Tory press.

Hacked Off

Very happy. The Royal Charter plan, it says, will ‘effectively deliver’ Lord Justice Leveson’s recommendations.

Lord Justice Leveson

After such a painstaking inquiry, perhaps bemused that his recommendations were not implemented in full. But unlikely to be too concerned, as he is currently in Australia.