Lewisham police called out to 'bus driven into a house' after Route 484 hits wall in south London

Local residents said it was extraordinary no one was hurt

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A bus has driven through a busy crossing, scaled the wall in front of a house and demolished a fence in an accident in south London.

No one was harmed, despite the single-decker bus being full of passengers at the time, but witnesses said it was “shocking” to see and the situation could have been a lot worse.

The incident made for an extraordinary picture, with the 484 bus ending up balanced with just one wheel on the ground, and the Met’s local team joked that “'bus has driven into a house' is not an everyday call, even for Lewisham”.

With the bus ending up completely off-road, no closures were required, though police said paramedics were called out as a precaution.

Speaking to the London Evening Standard, resident Marina Passingham – whose son Shasa took a picture of the bus after the crash – said he had come home “absolutely stunned”.

“There were still ambulances there but he didn’t see any casualties,” she said. “It’s very shocking because it’s a crossing where a lot of people come from the park and go down to the station. It could have been very bad.”

Transport for London said that there would be a “full investigation into the incident”.