London double-decker bus has entire roof ripped off by railway bridge

Miraculously, nobody was injured as there was no one on the upper deck at the time

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A double-decker bus has had its entire roof ripped off after travelling under a low railway bridge in west London.

Pictures posted on Twitter by London Ambulance Service staff show the bus  – thought to be a private hire vehicle – missing the majority of its upper deck in Isleworth.

Emergency services attended the scene, but luckily nobody was on the upper deck at the time of the collision. The driver was checked over by ambulance staff, but did not require hospital treatment, according to London Ambulance Service's emergency planning and reisilience officer Chris .

(c) London Ambulance Service

The bus featured a destination sign on its side reading "rugby special". England are currently playing Scotland in the Six Nations at Twickenham Stadium, which is around 2 miles from the site of the collision.

(c) London Ambulance Service


The scene is reminiscent of an incident last month, when a double-decker lost its roof after driving underneath a tree in Holborn, central London.