London Underground to reprise 'Mind the Gap' announcement at Embankment station

40-year-old recording brought back after request from widow of man who made it in the 1960s

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An old version of London Underground's iconic "Mind the Gap" announcement will be restored at a Tube station, after the widow of the actor who recorded it asked for the chance to hear her husband's voice again.

The wife of the late Oswald Laurence, who recorded an early version of the announcement in the 1960s, got in touch with London Underground to ask for a copy of the recording, which was no longer in use.

Staff were not only able to track down the 40-year-old recording but have now said they are "working to restore the announcement" at Embankment station so that Mrs Laurence can hear her husband's voice every day.

Nigel Holness, director of London Underground, said that he and his colleagues were "very touched" by her story.

Several recordings of the famous phrase have been used by London Underground over the years and Mr Laurence's is understood to be one of the oldest.