#lostrabbit: Cuddly bunny reunited with little girl after man who found it tweeted photos of toy like a tourist around Cambridge

Cambridge parking attendant David Craig launched a Twitter campaign to reunite the bunny with its owner

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It has taken over a month, but Flora the lost cuddly toy rabbit has been reunited with its 18-month-old owner, after pictures of the bunny acting like a tourist around Cambridge appeared on Twitter.

The Jellycat bunny was found in Cambridge’s Grand Arcade car park in November, where it spent some time in a lost property cupboard before parking attendant David Craig decided to try and find its owner.

Mr Craig set up a Twitter account under the handle @LostInCambridge, and began tweeting pictures of the bunny in different locations across the city, from the Monument to Hobson to Great St Mary’s church, in the hope that someone would notice help the rabbit find its way home.

“Rabbit spent some time sitting in the customer service kiosk for some time looking a bit sad,” he told the Cambridge News. “After seeing it wasn’t claimed, I thought it would be nice to have a bit of fun and see if we could find its owner through Twitter.

“My own son, who’s 20, he had a little cow called Cow Pat – he used to take it everywhere with him. Had he lost that, he would have been heart broken. I thought, ‘Someone, somewhere, is looking for their bunny’,” he added.


It was after the account’s messages and pictures were retweeted by Kirstie Allsopp and actress Sammy Oliver that the campaign came to the attention of the personal assistant to John Danesh, a Cambridge University professor and the father of the girl who owned Flora the rabbit.

Wife Natalie Jacoby-Danesh said her daughter Jackie was “completely miserable” when she’d lost the toy, but that she was thrilled to be reunited with the bunny.

She told the Express: “I spent hours walking around the Grand Arcade shopping centre and retracing my steps but I just couldn’t find her.” Mr Craig added: “As soon as she saw Flora she knew exactly who it was and started cuddling her as though she’d never been missing.”