M25 lorry crash: Vehicle bursts into flames after crashing through barrier

Junctions 30 and 20 were closed because of the fire

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Drivers are facing delays after a lorry crashed and caught alight on the M25, hours before the start of the evening rush hour.

The London Fire Brigade (LFB) was called to the scene at 11:45am following the incident at Saint Mary’s Lane in Upminster, east London.

The 45ft lorry ploughed through motorway barriers and was left dangling off the side of the motorway, The Evening Standard reported.

The lorry, which was carrying cheese, was destroyed in the blaze.

An image from the scene shows thick, black smoke emanating from the lorry as it lies on a grassy embankment.

Smoke from the fire affected junctions 30 and 29, which were closed in both directions at the height of the incident.

The clockwise lanes have since fully re-opened while one anti-clockwise lane remains closed as recovery work and barrier repairs is underway, according to a Highway Agency spokesman.

Delays of around 90 minutes from junction 29 to junction 3 in Kent were being reported at around 3pm.

The LFB tweeted to keep drivers up-to-date throughout the incident.

Some fifteen fire fighters were sent to tackle the blaze, which was brought under control by 1:30pm.

Officials are now investigation the cause of the fire.