M9 crash victim ‘was conscious and trying to get free’ when rescuers arrived three days after collision

'She was still moving around trying to get out the car but was trapped'

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A young woman who lay injured and undiscovered following a car crash for three days was conscious when rescuers arrived, her brother has said.

Lamara Bell, 25, and her partner John Yuill, 28, crashed their car on the M9 on July 5. A member of the public phoned emergency services and reported seeing the damaged vehicle by the roadside. However, the information was not acted upon and was not recorded on the police system.

The couple were found three days later. Mr Yuill had died and Ms Bell was alive but seriously injured. She was taken to hospital, where she died four days later.

Her brother posted online that police have since told him that his sister was alive and trying to break free when rescuers arrived. He wrote: “She was defo 100 per cent conscious… She was able to tell them her name.

“She added 4 years on to her age and told them she was 29. She did also say she was only in the car for 20 minutes. They also said she was still moving around trying to get out the car but was trapped."

He continued: “Proud of my sis for doing so well over those three days then the following days in hospital for not giving up the fight. Brave amazing girl. She gave it her all and fought until the end.”

Blue Renault Clio that John Yuill and Lamara Bell were found in three days after the crash

In light of the incident, Scottish Justice Secretary Michael Matheson has ordered a review of all police call handling. The case is now also the subject of an independent investigation by the Police Investigations and Review Commissioner.

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