Man calls 999 to complain about his driving instructor turning up late


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Could this be the most ridiculous call made to the emergency services to date? A man in the West Midlands has telephoned 999 to complain about his driving instructor arriving late for a lesson.

The caller can be heard telling the operater that he gave his driving instructor 'attitude' after she turned up late. She then asked him to leave her car at which point he phoned 999 to report her.

In the recording the caller can be heard saying: "She came late. I know this is not an emergency but she's telling me I'm giving her attitude and she's telling me to get out of her car."

The operator bluntly replies: "Well, then you get out her car. That's her right if it's her car."

Unfortunately, the caller does not take the hint and the conversation continues.

The frustrated learner driver goes on to say: "I need someone to complain to."

In response he is told: 'Well then complain to her employer or to the people who regulate driving instructors.'

The operator then tells him: "You do not call the police 999 line to complain that your driving instructor is late."

This is not the first time non-essential calls have been made to the emergency services. Some of the most bizarre calls have included one person seeking to prosecute a Chinese takeaway after their order was 45 minutes late. Another individual dialled 999 because they had a power cut and were worried that their Sara Lee gateau would defrost.