Man denies trying to saw off his wife's head

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A husband accused of stabbing his Vodafone executive wife to death in a jealous rage yesterday denied that he attempted to cut her head off.

Alisdair Sinclair has admitted he and his wife Sally were involved in a knife fight in which she died at their luxury home in Amport, Hampshire, in August last year. The attack was partly witnessed by children, who cannot be named for legal reasons.

The 48-year-old denies a murder at the trial at Winchester Crown Court. Mr Sinclair told the court his 40-year-old wife of 21 years had admitted to having an affair while they argued in the kitchen and he ran at her with his fists raised. He said his wife pulled a knife on him causing him to also grab a knife and they both started swiping at each other before he slashed her throat.

He told the court his wife then fell to the floor and he could not remember any further details. When asked about "sawing" injuries to her neck, he replied: "I have no reason to cut someone's head off, I've never cut someone's head off.

The trial continues.