Man running across M8 in just tartan underpants is detained by police after causing rush hour traffic chaos

Police say the unidentified man is currently being treated for a head injury

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A man caused severe traffic delays this morning when he was found wandering along the M8 in North Lanarkshire wearing nothing but green tartan underpants.

Police were called to the scene at 7am on Friday following reports that a man was running across the motorway and holding up traffic. Motorists also reported seeing him climbing onto the bonnets of cars.

The incident caused significant rush hour delays on the carriageway, which runs between Glasgow and Edinburgh, and traffic was slow in both directions from junction five to Harthill services throughout the morning, STV reports.

A spokesperson for Police Scotland told The Independent : "A man was found at about 6.55am on Friday morning walking along a live carriage way close to junction five eastbound."

The spokesperson said the man was detained and taken to the nearby Wishaw General Hospital to be treated for what is thought to be a head injury.