Manchester sinkhole becomes unlikely tourist attraction

Locals are flocking to the 15 foot wide hole to take selfies

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Manchester got a little smaller in size last week when a massive sinkhole appeared in the middle of a busy road.

The hole, measuring 15 feet wide, suddenly appeared on Friday, forcing the road to close whilst council workers attempt to repair it.

Rather than seeing it as an inconvenience, however, the people of Manchester have welcomed the sinkhole, making it an unlikely tourist attraction for locals.

Manchester Evening News reports that “visitors have been flocking to see the massive abyss.”

One father, who had brought his too young sons to see it, told the paper: "I normally drive down this road everyday, so I had to come and see it.” His nine year old son concurred: “It’s cool, it’s so massive.”

Others have found that the sinkhole site makes the perfect backdrop for a selfie and have been taking to social media to share photos posing beside the gaping hole.

It is reported that the area could be closed for as long as five weeks as council staff work to repair the road surface, so Manchester will have plenty of time to enjoy their new attraction.