Mario Balotelli: Police probe complaint footballer 'threateningly told woman to stop photographing his Ferrari'

The Liverpool striker allegedly took umbrage at the woman photographing his sports car in Wythenshawe, Greater Manchester

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Liverpool striker Mario Balotelli will speak to police tomorrow regarding an incident in which he allegedly “threatened” a woman who was taking pictures of his sports car.

According to Greater Manchester Police, the woman filed a report just after 3pm today, claiming that Mr Balotelli, 24, had got “threateningly close” as she photographed his Ferrari just after he parked it. He allegedly told her to stop taking photos.

He is understood to have been in the vicinity visiting his mother.

A spokesman for GMP said: “We are investigating a report of threatening behaviour following an incident in Pewsey Road, Wythenshawe.

“Officers will be speaking to all concerned in due course,” adding that that would most likely be tomorrow at the earliest opportunity.

According to the Manchester Evening News, all those involved went back to their respective homes before the authorities were called.

Meanwhile, Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers said he had had words with Mr Balotelli after he swapped shirts with Real Madrid defender Pepe shortly before he was taken off at half-time in the Champions League game last night.

Former Liverpool captain Graeme Souness says he thinks Balotelli needs to address his attitude.

“The criticism is for him not showing any enthusiasm,” he said.

“He must do all the training all the other boys do and he looks physically fit and powerful so I am just wondering if he doesn't have a football brain.”