Mayor may lift Python ban

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One of the stars of a highly controversial film is to look into lifting a long-standing ban on it in the town where she is now mayor.

Sue Jones-Davies, mayor of Aberystwyth, Dyfed, rose to fame in the 1979 hit Life of Brian, in which she played the part of Brian's girlfriend, Judith. In the film, Monty Python stalwart Graham Chapman is the reluctant messiah, Brian, born on Christmas Day in Roman-occupied Judea. It caused outrage among Christians all over the world who labelled it blasphemous, and some areas, like Aberystwyth, banned the film.

Sue Jones-Davies, 59, now a Plaid Cymru councillor and yoga teacher, said she is going to investigate the possibility of lifting the ban: "Given what's on TV now, I think it's amazing a ban in Aberystwyth still exists. I think it should be lifted."

Ms Jones-Davies added that if the ban was overturned they could possibly arrange a screening and donate the proceeds to charity.