'Meeting's over!' Parish councillor shouts as fight breaks out at allotment committee meeting

Police are ‘looking in to’ the fight which was caught on camera

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A Parish Council meeting was brought to an abrupt halt when a fight broke out during an allotments meeting.

The argument at the Briefcliffe Parish Council Allotments Meeting, which started with shouting and turned into a full-blown punch-up, is believed to have concerned sheep grazing.

The Burnley Express reports that the argument was over the query about a former Parish Councillor’s right to graze her sheep on land that belongs to the Parish Council.


Footage of the fight, which was posted onto YouTube, shows the brawl, with the video ending on one of the council members shouting: “Meeting’s over!”

Coun. Margaret Lishman, who was chairing the meeting, said in a statement: “The meeting was adjourned due to a public disturbance.

“The matter is now in the hands of the police and on that basis I don’t feel able to comment until the investigation is completed.

“The parish council takes this matter extremely seriously and we will be taking steps after the investigation to consider what we will do in relation to the allotment tenants involved.”

A spokesperson for Lancashire police said that police are looking into the “altercation” after they were called to the scene on Monday night, but said that no arrests have been made.