Military: The army gives Prince Harry a 21-bum (at least!) salute


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Army folk everywhere are doing what they do best when they're not fighting in deserts or manning X-ray machines at the Olympic Park: they're getting their bits out. And it's all for our good cause, of course: the maligned, misunderstood Prince Harry.

Former serviceman Jordan Wylie launched a Facebook group over the weekend called "Support Prince Harry with a naked salute!" "It was outrageous Harry was criticised for his antics in Las Vegas, because he is just one of the lads," Wylie said.

By yesterday afternoon, the group had gained more than 15,000 members and dozens of photos of soldiers baring all. A "21-bum salute" by D Squadron The King's Royal Hussars shows the men going pink in new places while conducting Harry-inspired cupping manoeuvres with one hand and saluting with the other.

Our boys – and girls – have also used boots, flags and guns to protect their modesty, if not our eyes, from the sight of more flesh than you suspect army chiefs would like them to show.

Rumours swirled yesterday of the existence of video evidence of Harry's Vegas indiscretions. For the sake of the Queen and the country, don't let this army of exhibitionists see it.