'Mini tornado' sweeps through Warwickshire town


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High winds have torn through a town, blowing the roof from one home and damaging others in what residents have described as a "mini tornado".

Warwickshire Police said a number of properties suffered structural damage as winds battered Rugby from around 6pm last night.

A spokeswoman said: "One house in Adams Street is reported to have had the roof blown off, and another suffered extensive damage when wind blew the chimney stack down.

"Telephone lines have also been blown down in the high winds, which some residents are describing as like a mini tornado."

Residents in Lawford Road reported having tiles blown from their roofs by the "powerful gusts", the spokeswoman added.

No one was injured by the adverse weather, but police advised motorists and pedestrians in the town to beware of debris from the buildings which was blown into surrounding streets.

The county buildings inspector has been called to assess the damage to any affected buildings.