Mixed weather across the UK for Bank Holiday Monday

East Anglia got the summeriest weather, with highs approaching 18C

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A day of mixed weather across the UK concluded May's bank holiday weekend.

Thousands enjoyed the outdoor sun as temperatures in the south-east reached 18C, but there was up to an inch of rain across the south-west and parts of west England.

The nicest weather was seen in Weybourne in Norfolk, and Santon Downham and Lakenheath in Suffolk, where temperatures reached 17.9C.

Rain will greet the start of the working week for millions tomorrow, with the arrival of summer in the coming weeks still “up in the air”.

Laura Caldwell, forecaster for the Press Association's weather service, said: “Unfortunately, rain in western parts of the country is going to push further east overnight.

“England is going to be wet everywhere tomorrow except East Anglia, and in terms of temperatures it is looking like 12C to 13C except East Anglia, where they will reach up to 16C.

“Western Scotland and Northern Ireland are expected to enjoy sunshine while the rain for England is going to be throughout tomorrow and into Wednesday.

“Things should get drier on Thursday, with just scattered showers across the UK.

“North-west Scotland should have the nicest day on Thursday as temperatures creep up to 20C and by Friday it is looking like it will be nice down in the south.”