MoD fire crews join pensions strike


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Hundreds of firefighters employed by the Ministry of Defence are to join next week's strike over pensions, hitting military bases across the country, it was announced today.

Unite said almost 700 MoD firefighters will take part in the one-day walkout on May 10 in the bitter dispute over the Government's controversial pension reforms.

Civil servants, health workers, lecturers, immigration officers, other MoD staff and members of the Royal Fleet Auxiliary will be stopping work or taking part in rallies and demonstrations next week, united in their opposition to the changes to their pensions.

Unite said there will only be skeleton staff at bases where flights take off to supply British forces in Afghanistan.

National officer Mike McCartney said: "There will be strike action at about 35 bases across the UK. However, flights to and from Afghanistan won't be affected as there will be skeleton cover which would be provided by the military's own firefighters and those from local authorities.

"However, there will be disruption and gaps in normal services. This Government has pushed MoD firefighters to the absolute limit. They have had enough of being forced to do more for less, on top of a draconian diet of cuts and having their concerns ignored by their employers."