More tickets could be released for London 2012 Olympics closing ceremony, says Locog


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A number of extra Olympic closing ceremony tickets could be made available to the public, but not until the day of the event, Locog said today.

Organisers have held back some tickets because they were unable to predict exactly how many seats would not provide a satisfactory view of the show until the Olympic Stadium is set up for Sunday night.

When asked if more tickets would go on sale, Locog's director of communications Jackie Brock-Doyle said: "We will know when we can move everything in - the set into the stadium - which will be the night before."

Ms Brock-Doyle added: "During the night they move and change that stadium from the athletics into the ceremony so that may free up some tickets on the day.

"But until they do that, we've had to hold some in contingency until we really know what some of those sight-lines will be.

"As you can imagine, nothing from that closing ceremony set has ever set foot in the stadium."