Most popular baby names 2014: Mohamed tops boys' list while Elsa enters girls' top 100

Arabic names are on the rise in UK as film and television exerts influence

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Mohamed is the most popular baby’s name in the UK as the popularity of Arabic names continues to rise, along with those of Frozen and Game of Thrones characters.

Figures from the Baby Centre showed that when different spellings, including Muhammad and Mohammad, are combined, it takes the top spot – up 27 places from last year.

The name of the Muslim Prophet means “praised” or “praiser of God” and is thought to be one of the most popular names worldwide, leading some men to shorten it and go by another, less common name.

It is not the only popular Arabic name appearing in the list for 2014, with Omar, Ali, Ibrahim and Kian, which can also be Irish in origin, entering the top 100 for boys.

For girls, Nur and Maryam – the biggest riser - have grown in popularity.

Sarah Redshaw, managing editor for the Baby Centre, said: “With the increase of Arabic names plus Aarav, an Indian boys' name, the top 100 shows the ever-increasing diversity of the UK today.

"Parents have also been influenced by celebrity name choices. The Beckhams and Simon Cowell have been big influences this year. Eric, the name Simon Cowell chose for his son, increased by 314 per cent."

Beckham-Argentina.jpgThe names of David and Victoria Beckham's offspring have prompted a trend, with Harper hitting the top 100, Romeo is up 67 per cent and the popularity of Cruz quadrupling for new parents.

Film and television is also proving to be  a big influence, with the phenomenal popularity of the Disney film Frozen making its presence felt just a year after release.

Elsa, the name of the ice queen, has shot straight into the top 100 at 75, and the friendly snowman Olaf and leading man Kristoff have both been picked by new parents for the first time.

Elsa from 'Frozen' has sparked a name trend in the UK

Breaking Bad appears to have inspired an increase in the names Skyler, Jesse and Walter, while Emilia - a lead actress from Game of Thrones - was a new entry at number 53 for girls.

Daenerys and Tyrion have also been registered, albeit far fewer times, and the popularity of Piper almost tripled as series Orange Is The New Black continues.

But while the names of popular celebrities and film heroes are favoured, parents appear to be wary of more controversial characters.

Use of the name Miley has dropped off, as has Amy and Nick, following the release of the dark thriller book and film Gone Girl.

Miley Cyrus' name is getting less popular

Ms Redshaw said “celebrities who exhibit bad behaviour” frequently see their names fall down the charts.

Royal names have generally continued to fall in popularity, although a spike is predicted next year for the name the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge choose for their second child.

The Baby Centre also documented a 1970s trend, with Angela, Karen, Joanne and Maria making a resurgence.

Top 10 boys' names

•  Muhammad +27

•  Oliver -1

•  Jack -1

•  Noah +5

•  Jacob +2

•  Charlie -3

•  Harry -3

•  Joshua +4

•  James +1

•  Ethan - 2

Top 10 girls' names

•  Sophia +2

•  Emily +0

•  Lily +1

•  Olivia -3

•  Amelia +2

•  Isla +2

•  Isabella -1

•  Ava +2

•  Sophie +0

•  Chloe +1

New to the top 100 girls’ baby names in 2014

• Nur

• Emilia

• Gracie

• Elsa

• Harper

• Ariana

• Lacey

• Faith

• Alexis

• Skye

• Alyssa

New to the top 100 boys' baby names in 2014

• Kian

• Jonathan

• Omar

• Ali

• Kai

• Eli

• Leon

• Hunter

• Milo

• Ibrahim

• Andrew

• John

• Aarav

• Kyle

Names drawn from parents who registered with the Baby Centre in 2014. The list groups together variants of spelling under the most popular.