‘My onesie saved my baby’s life’ – newborn caught in garment during shock car park birth


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A young mum has hailed a Christmas onesie for saving her newborn baby’s life after it stopped him hitting the pavement when she gave birth unexpectedly.

Jessica Wynter, 21, told The Sun she was staggering across the car park of King’s College Hospital in London when her son arrived before she could reach the maternity ward.

Little Kye dropped into a leg of the polka dot onesie, which was a Christmas present from her grandmother, and was caught in the comfy fleece.

Jessica, a graphic design student from Streatham, told the newspaper: “If I’d not been wearing it I don’t think Kye would have survived.

“It was incredibly lucky – the onesie saved my baby’s life.”

Mum Christine Wynter, 48, told the newspaper her daughter gave birth seconds after getting out of her car.

A spokesperson from King’s College Hospital said midwives arrived shortly after the birth and got mum and baby safely into hospital.

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She added: “We took Jessica and Kye straight to the postnatal ward for aftercare and checks and mother and baby were fit and well.

“From time to time, babies can be delivered quickly meaning mums don’t always get to the hospital in time.

"We are glad baby Kye is doing well and wish him and his mum all the best for the future.”

The super-comfy jumpsuits have divided critics since they became an unlikely fashion craze but could now become popular with cautious mums-to-be.

Jessica said: “I do have a few onesies, but this is undoubtedly my lucky one.”