Mystery lottery winner claims £113m

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The winner of the record £113m EuroMillions lottery jackpot has claimed their prize, becoming immediately one of the richest people in Britain.

Ten days after the numbers were drawn, the winner contacted Camelot, the lottery administrators, who sent its head of security to confirm the ticket was genuine. The person was able to prove where and when they bought the ticket and Camelot transferred the money by the close of business yesterday.

Rumours continue to circulate online and in local papers as to the identity of the winner, who will find it difficult to remain anonymous.

Camelot said it would do all it could to support the winner if they wished to protect their identity, pointing out the previous record holders – the winners of a £84m jackpot in May this year – had never been named.

A spokesman said: "We have a winner adviser, who is experienced in dealing with these life-changing moments, helping them. There are immediate, basic things to sort out, such as tax and wills. But we are there to help them enjoy the winnings, whatever they want to do with it."