Name our storms: Met office weather hashtag prompts typical British creativity on Twitter

There have been plenty of suggestions already

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The Met Office is giving the public a chance to name storms affecting the UK and Ireland, in an attempt to create greater awareness of "major weather threats".

People are being encouraged to send their suggestions via Facebook and email, or on Twitter using the hashtag #nameourstorms.

A Met Office spokesman said: "There is no system at the moment for naming storms. It is random and you can get the same storm being given different names by different forecasters.

"This is what leads to confusion in the media and the public and why we are piloting an official system."

St Jude's Storm in 2013 has been cited as a good example of how names can help people can prepare for a weather event.

Obviously people are already having fun with the hashtag on Twitter, and there have been plenty of suggestions involving current topics and cultural references:

Things got political:

And inevitably everyone started making the same joke

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