Nearly 1,000 faulty chainsaws seized by UK trading standards at Dover

The chainsaws were said to have a number of issues including kill switches that did not work and brakes that were unable to slow down blade rotation

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A haul of nearly one thousand chainsaws has been seized in Dover after it was found the products had serious safety faults.

Trading standards seized nearly 486 boxes containing the self-assembly chainsaws that had arrived in the UK from China, with their final destination believed to be Poland.

According to reports, the chainsaws had a number of faults,  including kill switches, which are supposed to stop the chainsaw from rotating immediately, taking up to five seconds longer to stop.

Failures were also found with the brakes, meaning that no matter how hard they were pushed they could not slow down the chainsaws rotating blade.

Mark Rolfe, Kent County Council's trading standards manager said that the seizure was critical in stopping these “dangerous products” from being sold to unwitting consumers.

He said: "Not only should they be banned from sale in the UK, but even if they were intended for sale in Poland, we would not approve exporting them.

"As well as blocking the entry of these into Europe, we have put out a Europe-wide warning to try and protect consumers across the EU from these dangerous products."

According to paperwork accompanying the boxes, the value of each box was just £2.30, over £50 cheaper than what similar chainsaws from China would usually fetch.

It is now believed that chainsaws will be destroyed, with Trading Standards saying that they could be donated to charities, who could sell off the spare parts for scrap.