Neighbours revolt over Kate Moss's late-night parties

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Moving house can be stressful at the best of times. But Kate Moss's typically robust solution – moving into a friend's mansion and partying harder than ever before – has landed her in hot water.

Residents in the well-heeled suburb of St John's Wood, north London, say their lives have been made a misery since Moss moved in with her friend, Davinia Taylor. Moss is staying with the Hollyoaks actress after moving out of the nearby mansion she shared with her ex-boyfriend Pete Doherty. They separated in June following a turbulent two-year relationship.

But Moss and Taylor's constant loud music, chattering and singing have not gone down too well with people living in the street.

Moss has also attracted a horde of press photographers – the usual attention that comes with the territory of being the most famous model in the country.

A series of late-night parties over the past week has pushed some neighbours over the edge. Diane Mackintosh, 61, claims Moss and Taylor have infuriated the whole street. "I don't want anything to do with them. Since they have come it has been impossible to live here," she said yesterday.

"Everybody has been complaining, especially those with children. I can assure you everyone on this street is angry. I have written to the MP and to the police – everyone I can think of. It has been absolute hell since they came over. They sleep all day and go out all night. My son is going to write them a letter explaining the trouble they have caused."

Yesterday, the office of the Hampstead and Highgate Labour MP, Glenda Jackson, refused to confirm whether it had received Mrs Mackintosh's letter.

On Tuesday last week, the Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher was spotted leaving Taylor's house at 4.30am, having walked there from a nearby pub, The Clifton, where Moss had also been drinking the previous evening.

Since splitting up with Doherty, the 33-year-old Croydon-born model has been staying at Taylor's home during the week and living with another of her celebrity friends, the actress Sadie Frost, at weekends. There has been speculation that Moss chose to sell her home because of its close association with Doherty, who is battling a heroin addiction.

Moss has recently found a new love in the form of Jamie Hince, a guitarist with the rock band The Kills. Hince, 38, was seen arriving at Taylor's house at 2am on the same night as Gallagher. However, he and Moss spend much of their time at her second home in the Cotswolds.

Moss's increasingly nomadic lifestyle claimed another casualty last week when Jade Frost, Sadie's younger sister, resigned from her £500-a-week job as a nanny to the model's daughter, Lila Grace.

One might have thought Moss would have no difficulty selling her property in St John's Wood but would-be purchasers have not been impressed. The rock singer Courtney Love, widow of the Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain, apparently refused to buy the home because she found it "too depressing" and not worth the £3.4m asking price.

"She had a viewing and wasn't convinced but Kate persuaded her to have a second look," said a friend. "That was when Courtney noticed that the house was in a state, with scratched floors and old plug sockets.

"There was a painting of Sid Vicious in the bathroom, which Kate said was valuable. She offered to throw it in but Courtney said she couldn't bathe with Sid hanging over her."