Neknomination: drinking goldfish is against the law, RSPCA warns

The animal charity issued the warning after it had received complaints that goldfish were being used in so-called "Neknomination" challenges

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The RSPCA has warned participants of the online craze "Neknomination" that eating goldfish is against the law.

The statement is a response to the craze which involves social media users posting videos of themselves “necking” drink and then carrying out increasingly risky dares. The game has been criticised for allegedly causing a teenager to die in Ireland.

A spike in calls relating to people drinking shots of alcohol containing goldfish led the animal charity to release the statement against the controversial game. It reminds participants that by eating a live fish they are committing a criminal offence under the Animal Welfare Act 2006, and could be prosecuted if caught.

Their warning comes as police are investigating an incident where a woman rode a horse into Tesco and downed a Pepsi Max, allegedly as part of a “Neknomination challenege.”

RSPCA wildlife scientist Nicola White said: “We are extremely concerned about this shocking new trend.

"We have had quite a few similar cases reported to us in a very short space of time – but this could be just the tip of the iceberg as there’s probably many more we have not been told about.


She added: “Eating a live animal and posting of a film of it on the internet is not some light-hearted joke – it is unacceptable. It sends out a clear message that animal cruelty is OK as long as it is in the guise of entertainment.

“We urge people not to take part in this horrible craze and to report to us anyone who is taking part.”

The charity says it has so far received 14 calls about "Neknominating"footage involving swallowing live fish, including three calls on Tuesday and four on Monday.

It is currently investigating a number of these cases.