Next tourist hotspot? Locals hope for economic boost for Leicester after Richard III skeleton discovery


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The people of Leicester reacted with delight to the news that the skeleton found in a council car park in the city did indeed belong to Richard III, saying the discovery will provide a boost to the local economy by pulling in tourists.

Steve Bruce, a local Blue Badge tour guide, said: “I have known about King Richard’s relationship with this town my whole life. It’s great because it puts this city on the map. We have seen a real boost to our economy from the attention the discovery has created and we have gotten tourists from all over the world.”

Jake Jones, a security guard who was hired by the University of Leicester to watch over the site after the grave was discovered, added: “It’s been really fascinating, the fact that it was under our noses the entire time. There have been people coming from all over. Our little town is getting so much attention for a 500 year old king - it’s amazing that they come to this place just for a hole in the ground. It makes me proud to say I am from Leicester.”

Sophia Sage, a Museum Studies student at the university, was able to watch history unfolding on her doorstep. “I have known about it since September. We have been getting constant emails about it from the Uni, letting us know about every little thing,” she said. “I think it’s great because I don't know if Leicester had a lot going for it in the first place.”