Nick Griffin’s home address shared on Facebook after BNP leader’s tweets address of gay couple who won landmark discrimination trial and calls for 'a bit of drama' outside their home


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Nick Griffin’s home address has been shared on Facebook less than a week after the BNP leader tweeted the address of a gay couple at the centre of a landmark discrimination trial and called for “a bit of drama” outside their home.

Last week Griffin urged a ‘British justice team’ to demonstrate outside the home of Michael Black and John Morgan, who were awarded £3,600 compensation after being turned away from bed and breakfast because of the religious beliefs of its owners.

There is no way of telling how many Facebook users have seen and shared Nick Griffin’s address, although as of 5.30pm today, it had been shared around 1,230 times.

It appears to have originally been posted on the Facebook page of a Dublin-based digital newspaper called Rabble, which describes itself as “a non-profit, newspaper from the city’s underground. It’s collectively and independently run by volunteers.”

Mr Griffin originally took to Twitter to ask for the address of the ‘two bullying “gay” activists’ so he could arrange a demonstration about homeowners being able to ‘rent rooms to whomsoever they wish’.

After he was given their address, Mr Griffin threatened the couple that a ‘British Justice team’ would be coming to ‘give you a... bit of a drama’.

The tweets provoked widespread criticism and gay rights campaigners called for police to look into the matter.

Mr Black and Mr Morgan hit back at Griffin, describing him as “an idiot” with no public support.