Nigel Farage and Rupert Murdoch: Britain's biggest Eurosceptic and its most powerful media mogul have private meeting

The two apparently met while Ukip leader Mr Farage was in the News Corp offices in New York giving interviews on Fox News

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What could the leader of Britain’s fervent Eurosceptic and fastest growing political party and one of the country’s most powerful media magnates have to talk about?

Well, no-one knows for sure because the private meeting between Ukip’s Nigel Farage and News Corp’s Rupert Murdoch will remain exactly that.

The two men met this week as Mr Farage did a whistle-stop tour of US news shows including Fox News and MSNBC.

According to Breitbart London, the meeting of minds came after Mr Farage finished up recording his appearance on Fox’s Sean Hannity and Neil Cavuto shows, within the News Corp building in Manhattan.

In a sequence of events that has been confirmed to The Independent by a Ukip spokesman, Mr Cavuto, during an ad break, leant in to Mr Farage and said “Sir… The boss wants to see you. The big boss”.

Mr Farage then went upstairs to chat with Fox’s owner, Mr Murdoch – a press baron previously credited with helping to sway elections by throwing the weight of his media empire behind his chosen political party.

Confirming the meeting, a Ukip spokesman said: “Yes, it did take place and it was a purely private conversation between the two.”

It wasn't their first, either, as their relationship dates as far back as March 2013, when Mr Murdoch invited Mr Farage to his flat for dinner.

Afterwards, Mr Farage told the BBC that he thought the tycoon was a "remarkable bloke" that had also been "interested" in finding out what Ukip was all about.

Their liaison comes as Ukip receives Tory defector Douglas Carswell, whose resignation triggered a by-election in the seat of Clacton and who is expected to be voted back into his constituency under the Ukip banner.

If successful, his appointment as Ukip MP for Clacton would provide the party with its first ever Parliamentary representation.

While in the US, Mr Farage went on air to discus a range of topics ranging from what he feels Britain’s response to the radicalisation of young British Muslims should be, to Scottish independence.