Nobody’s laughing: Comedy club forced to apologise as maggots eating a dead pigeon fall out of air-conditioning

Club stresses there was 'only a few' maggots as complaints erupt on Trip Advisor

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A comedy venue has been forced to apologise after maggots that had been eating a dead pigeon fell out of the air conditioning system.

Nobody was laughing at the Jongleurs Comedy Club at Oceana in Nottingham when the staff turned on the air-con system that sent the maggots flying.

The club only issued an apology after customer complaints began erupting on Trip Advisor, and stressed that there were “only a few” maggots that dropped out of the building’s air-con last Friday.

A spokesperson for the Luminar group, which owns Oceana, said: “It would appear that a pigeon crawled through some side netting on the building and went into the air conditioning unit. It subsequently died.

“When the team at Jongleurs switched on the air conditioning, it disturbed the body and a few maggots fell out through the air conditioning.

“We would stress it was only a few and there were no complaints on the evening. The incident was promptly resolved on the night and the netting repaired.”

The spokesperson said that the “vast majority” of the audience enjoyed the evening and stayed for the rest of the show. “Jongleurs is about giving people a great comedy experience and we can only apologise that we fell short on this occasion,” they added.

The club has since contacted all customers who had attended the event that evening and offered them free tickets.

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