Dog with cancer completes bucket list – including eating a Big Mac and riding in a police helicopter

Coco had between four weeks and four months left to live

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When their dog was diagnosed with terminal cancer, Coco’s owners put together a ‘bucket list’ and made sure their hound experienced an exciting few weeks before she died.

Farnborough couple, Symon Spencer and Theresa Clancy, came up with the idea after an xray revealed that their dog had tumours on her right shoulder and had between four weeks and four months left to live.


Before she was put down on 5 May, Coco: visited a beach; took a ride in a helicopter; went in a fire engine; ate a steak at the pub; and also had a Big Mac from a McDonalds Drive Thru, amongst other activities.


The couple also made a 3D scan of the dog’s body, a model of which will be delivered to the couple in the coming weeks, according to Get Hampshire.

Coco’s last weeks were well documented on Facebook and the venture gathered much public support.


Mr Spencer said: "If I’m honest I don’t know how I would have coped if it wasn’t for all these people that have left comments. It’s been amazing.

"Initially I only set up her Facebook page for me to document everything for my own organisation and so I had something to look back on.

"When I saw she had more than 300 friends I couldn’t believe it, I never thought her story would spread so far, I’ve had a lot of support."