Oxford child sex gang 'threatened victim with gun'


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A 14-year-old girl felt that she had no choice but to have sex with alleged members of a child sex trafficking ring, as well as other men they brought along, because she had been threatened with a gun, a court heard today.

The girl, who is the first to appear in person to give evidence in the Oxford child sex trafficking trial, spoke under condition of anonymity from behind a protective screen at the Old Bailey today.

She said she was forced into having sex with a man named “K-Dog”, identified as defendant Kamar Jamil. She said that two others, also identified as two of the defendants: brothers Akhtar and Anjum Dogar, had told her they had firearms and she said they would try to threaten her.

Her alleged attackers did not react as the girl, who is now a number of years older than when the attacks took place, described how she was often taken to flats, houses and even parks and churchyards to have sex with the men, some of whom brought along others she did not know.

She said she initially told her attackers she was 16 but admitted her real age later. She added that they also knew she was in a children’s home and, therefore, under 16, and that Akhtar Dogar would sometimes wait around the corner from one home she stayed in, in Henley in Oxfordshire.

The girl told the court that, on one occasion, after the men drove her and another girl out to secluded fields by a lake, her female companion - also aged 14 at the time - had sex with “K-Dog” on the back seat, before she herself was told to swap over and have sex with him too.

“I felt I had to and I didn’t have a choice because, being alone with two men and us being young girls in a dark field...and I didn’t trust not doing what they told me to do,” she told the jury.

She added: [Kamar Jamil] was kissing me on the neck and on the face. I was letting do it and continued drinking. He was pulling down his zipper on his trousers and then he had his penis out and wanted me to suck him and I didn’t want to. Then he asked if I had a problem and said [the other girl] had done it and [he was asking] why I didn’t want to.”

Asked if she was resisting, the girl replied that she was but, she said she didn’t speak up. She added: “my hair was in a pony-tail and [Kamar Jamil] grabbed my hair and put my mouth on his penis.” She said that he had sex with her afterwards.

The girl named locations in Oxford where she said that the three men Kamal Jamil and Akhtar and Anjum Dogar, as well as a fourth man not in the dock known to her as “Khan”, took her to have sex with her and said that Anjum Dogar – whose nickname is “Jammy” – was responsible for bringing his friends.

On another occasion, she said that she was taken to an address where she was told to go into a bedroom with a man she thought was in his 30s whom she had not previously met. Still aged 14, she told the court she did not want to have sex with the man and resisted but was “grabbed” by Mr Jamil, who got angry and forced her.

“That is when the man started taking my trousers off to start having sex with me. I was on the bed. I tried getting up but he pushed me back down; that happened…about three times. I was struggling for a while but then after I just gave up. That was when we had sex. After, he just left.”

The girl told the court that she was taken to some fields near Oxford by Akhtar Dogar when she was still 14-years-old. She said: “We was drinking for about an hour then he started pulling his zip down for me to give him oral”, which she did. Asked why she would do so if she did not want to, she said it had by that point become “routine”.

She said that this was the time Mr Dogar mentioned a gun. “He said that, if I didn’t do as I was told, he had someone who would shoot me when he sees me walking past,” she added. The girl said that she was given a lot of alcohol by Mr Dogar, who then “grabbed” her and ‘pulled her down on him’.

She also told the court that she had called the police on one occasion and told an officer she was still only 14-years-old because she feared that eleven men, who had come into the flat she was in, intended to have sex with her. She said that Khan, Kamal Jamil and Anjum Dogar “kicked the door down”.

Khan then made her perform oral sex on him and had sex with her against her will in a bedroom. Afterwards, she said he wanted to get a second man to come in. The girl said she tried to escape via a window but it was too small, so she called the police.

When officers arrived, she said the men told them she was 16, which she agreed with because - she claimed - the men had previously told her to do so. While she later admitted to a female officer she was only 14 and wanted to take the action further, she did not tell police about any sexual activity in the house. And she later refused to help officers because, she told the court, she was scared of what would happen the next time the men saw her.

The members of the alleged sex trafficking ring were arrested by Thames Valley Police early last year. Kamar Jamil, 27, Assad Hussain, 32, and Bilal Ahmed, 26, are standing trial. They are joined by two sets of brothers: Akhtar, 32 and Anjum Dogar, 30; and Mohammed, 38 and Bassam Karrar, 32. Also charged are Mohammed Hussain, 24, and Zeeshan Ahmed, 27.

The nine defendants deny all of the charges. The case continues.