Parents of Anni Dewani to sue Shrien for failing to declare his bisexuality before 'false' marriage

Mr Dewani denies orchestrating the murder of his wife in South Africa in 2010

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The parents of Anni Dewani, the 28-year-old bride killed while on honeymoon in South Africa in 2010, has said that the family intend to sue their son-in-law, Shrien Dewani, for failing to reveal his bisexuality before getting married.

Vinod Hindocha said he was not aware of Mr Dewani's sexuality before his daughter married the British businessman in 2010, and that neither he nor she would have agreed to the marriage had they known. He described the wedding as "false".  "Which father in the world, including me, would allow their daughter to marry a person who sleeps with men? I don't think anybody would," he said. "Now we have the truth and that he has literally deceived the whole family. He should have opened his heart and told us 'I love your daughter, I'm bisexual. Will you accept me?'

Mr Dewani is accused of orchestrating the murder of his wife, Anni, 28, in November 2010. He denies the charges. She was shot as the couple's taxi was apparently carjacked in a suburb of Cape Town.

On the first day of his long-awaited trial earlier this year  Mr Dewani confessed through lawyers to paying gay prostitutes for sex and declared himself bisexual. But a London-based prostitute and a senior Scotland Yard officer were banned from taking to the witness box by the judge. Next week a judge will decide whether to halt Mr Dewani’s trial at Cape Town’s high court.


The Dewanis’ lavish three-day wedding in Mumbai, India, is estimated to have cost £200,000. Mr Hindocha told Mail Online he agreed to pay two-thirds of the bill and would ask for receipts to be disclosed in court in London to prove how the money was spent. Mr Hindocha told Mail Online he was seeking legal redress for the deception. "The whole wedding was a drama and was false. I am going to sue him for that. Not just for the money, but for the loss of my daughter. Anni left this world just for nothing.” The trial is scheduled to resume on December 8.