Police called to Jimmy's restaurant at The O2 after mother-of-three and two of her children 'see gay porn' on computer screen

Jade Miller and her children were visiting the restaurant for a friend's birthday party last week

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Police were called to a London restaurant after a mother-of-three was shocked to discover two of her young children had allegedly seen gay porn on the computerised booking system.

Jade Miller, of New Eltham, and her children were visiting Jimmy's restaurant at The O2, in Greenwich, for a friend's birthday party when she says they saw the footage last week.

Ms Miller told The Independent they were just getting ready to leave the restaurant when two of her children, aged six and nine, came running over to tell her they had "seen something dirty" on the computer screen.

She said she raised the issue with the restaurant's management before contacting the police.

Ms Miller said she was pleased that her children did not appear to fully understood what it was they had seen on the screen.

She said: "They think it was a four-legged man shaking his willy about. How I would have explained it God only knows."

However, Ms Miller did say she was "not happy" that the video had been visible.

She said: "It was very graphic, not something that I even want to watch, let alone have a child even see anything of the matter. It's disgusting, it's awful. So I'm not happy."

Police have confirmed they were called to the restaurant after receiving reports of inappropriate material being displayed on a screen in public.

A Met Police spokesman said: "Officers believe, at this stage, that the material was the result of a pop-up which had been received via the restaurant's email booking system.

"Officers spoke with the restaurant's manager and provided advice around computer security and spam management."

The Independent has approached the restaurant for comment.