Police chief admits gross misconduct

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The first chief constable to face a gross misconduct hearing for more than 30 years has admitmitted disreputable conduct and could be sacked, it emerged last night.

North Yorkshire's top officer, Grahame Maxwell, faced a disciplinary panel yesterday over allegations he tried to help a relative get a foot on the police career ladder in the first stages of a force-wide recruitment process.

But his force, his police authority and the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) have all refused to give any details of what took place until the full process is completed - not even revealing where and when the hearing took place.

Tonight, Channel 4 News reported Mr Maxwell has admitted disreputable conduct and will find out his fate tomorrow.

Sources tonight confirmed these details.

The accusations against Mr Maxwell centred on help he was alleged to have given to a relative to circumvent the calls log-jam.

North Yorkshire Police Authority said: "We have no comment except to say that arrangements for the hearing are legally and practically matters for the Police Authority.

"As a matter of law the hearing will be held in private. We are not releasing any information until after the hearing and that includes information about the date or venue of the private hearing."

North Yorkshire Police said it was a matter for the police authority. The IPCC said it would not make any comment about Mr Maxwell's case until the process was complete.