Police horse 'bolted round east London' after being frightened nearby by firework

The animal was stopped from running into a busy road by a shopkeeper

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A frightened police horse reportedly threw off its police rider and bolted around east London, after a firework was let off nearby.

A jogger saw the horse run off towards Driffield Road, near Victoria Park in the borough of Tower Hamlets, on Friday evening.

The horse was reportedly spooked by a firework, and is believed to have subsequently thrown off its rider.

The jogger contacted the police after the horse charged past him said it was a “miracle” it was not injured.

In a post regarding the incident posted to the website Reddit, the witness wrote using the username Santero: “It [the horse] veered across the road and turned right by a Boris Bike stop, and absolutely stacked it - sparks flying everywhere from the hooves.


“It got up, and absolutely flew off down Driffield Road.”

The horse was later rescued by a shopkeeper who stopped it from running into heavy traffic in Roman Road, Bow, the user added.

Police officers arrived at the scene within a few minutes and the horse was returned to safety.