Police Scotland release top ten most ridiculous calls: Caller reports misbehaving seagull for breach of the peace

Other bizarre requests included a mother asking where she could get a police top for her daughter from and someone reporting a broken laptop

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The top ten most ridiculous 999 phone calls received by Police Scotland have been revealed, which include a caller who wanted a seagull charged with breach of the peace for misbehaving, and a mother asking for her son’s cannabis back.

Animal problems appeared to be a running theme in these not-so life and death calls, with one person ringing to report a fox in their garden, while another felt compelled to ring police over a urinating dog.

One caller's source of distress was at the hands of water coming through their ceiling. The caller genuinely thought the water should be charged with breach of the peace (seriously) according to Police Scotland.

One person reported a case of fraud when the £5 of fuel they'd put in car had not moved fuel gauge from zero.

Police Scotland released the top ten on their Twitter account, going so far as to even recreate some of the more unusual calls for assistance. Here are the top ten (in no particular order):

There was, however, a more serious point to the Twitter exercise.

"Although a number of our examples will seem pretty amusing, there is a very serious message to remember too," Police Scotland said.

"We took 520,000 emergency 999 calls in year one of Police Scotland.

"These 999 calls may seem humorous but remember they have a serious impact on response times to genuine emergency incidents."