Sexist Polish MEP interviewed by Piers Morgan on Good Morning Britain on International Women's Day

Two complain to TV regulator over Piers Morgan's rude interview style

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A morning TV show is being criticised for giving a notoriously misogynistic MEP a platform on International Women’s Day.

Piers Morgan interviewed Polish politician Janusz Korwin-Mikke on ITV’s Good Morning Britain (GMB).

Mr Korwin-Mikke is already facing disciplinary action after saying women should be paid less because they are “less intelligent” during a gender pay gap debate in the European Parliament.

“I only said that because they are shorter, they are weaker and less intelligent they are less aggressive, they earn less,” he told the TV show, while speaking from Warsaw.

“By the way, a shorter man earns less than a tall man. The blonde earns more than a brunette. They are different, and it should not be equalised.

“Of course they are less intelligent by several points on the IQ scale. There is no doubt on that.”

Ex-Daily Mirror editor Mr Morgan, whose own views on feminism have been critiqued in the past, responded by attacking the MEP over his three marriages and eight children by four women.

Mr Morgan branded him a “horrendous sexist pig” and added: “How can you say that women are less intelligent than men when you yourself sound so unbelievably stupid.”

Susanna Reid, perched next to Mr Morgan, said she felt like she “sat on the sidelines” during the interview.

London Labour Party MEP Seb Dance, who last month held up a sign accusing Nigel Farage of lying, told The Independent: “It might make good TV to set up an interview so you can shout down the misogynist, but ultimately you’re giving him relevance when he should be dismissed out of hand.

“Today of all days.”

Mr Dance had previously said Mr Korwin-Mikke’s comments in the European Parliament “crossed a line”.

East Midlands Ukip MEP Margot Parker said on Twitter: “Non story reporting on the ramblings of a Polish MEP no one is interested in #nonsense.”

The vast majority of comments surrounding the interview however are complimentary of Mr Morgan’s combative style.

An online petition meanwhile, signed by more than 54,000 people, is asking people to “kick out” Mr Korwin-Mikke.

Two people, as of 9.40am, had complained about the interview via TV regulator Ofcom. It is understood viewers referred to Mr Morgan being rude and offensive.

A GMB spokesman said: "The item featuring MEP Janusz Korwin-Mikke was preceded by vox pops of women reacting to his controversial opinions which were made in the very public and high-profile platform of the European Parliament and received global attention.

"We believe that this item was editorially justified and he was also thoroughly challenged on the programme about his controversial views."