Pregnant cow with head stuck in window 'moving on' after seven-hour rescue

The Lincoln Red had to be rescued by firefighters near Skegness

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A pregnant cow is recovering after being rescued by firefighters when it got its head stuck in a window in Lincolnshire.

The animal had forced its head into the window of a Second World War pillbox in the Gibraltar Point nature reserve, near Skegness, and was unable to get out.

Emergency services were alerted to its predicament at 10.30am on Thursday and swiftly dispatched fire crews and an Urban Search and Rescue Team.

Spencer Creek, the technical and rescue manager for Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue, said it was not the first such assignment for his crews.

The cow got its head stuck in a pillbox at Gibraltar Point in Skegness.

“Compared to fighting fires this may seem a little bit strange, but because of the county’s rural nature animals do occasionally get into danger,” he said.

“Normally when this does happen they have become stuck in mud or water, so this was a bit different.

“With the cow trapped in the stone window it was actually causing swelling around its neck, so it was important we had the vet there to calm the animal so it wasn’t in distress.”

When firefighters realised there was no way to get the cow out with the wartime relic intact, they called a vet to sedate the animal so heavy breaking equipment could be used.

Rescuers freeing the cow at Gibraltar Point in Skegness

Parts of the building around the window were knocked away in an operation lasting seven hours, with rescuers eventually leaving at 5.30pm.

Mr Creek said firefighters only get involved in animal rescues if the incident is a medical emergency, if it is physically trapped or when people are in danger.

Members of the public are otherwise asked to call the RSPCA.

Rescuers freeing the cow at Gibraltar Point in Skegness

The cow was a Lincoln Red, which are bred for beef and can be worth more than £2,000 each.

A spokesperson for Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue added: “The cow, which is pregnant, seems to be fine and moving on from the ordeal.”