Prince Harry to go back to Afghanistan

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Prince Harry could return to serve in Afghanistan after changing his career path in the armed forces and being accepted to train as an Apache helicopter pilot.

The 25-year-old was judged by Army Air Corps commanders to be best suited to the Apache, which is used to locate and kill Taliban fighters, gather intelligence and provide cover for larger Chinook helicopters transporting troops and supplies.

Lieutenant Harry Wales served in Helmand as a forward air controller directing air strikes for 10 weeks in 2007-08 but had to be removed after a website revealed that he was in Afghanistan. The disclosure raised fears that those serving with him would become increasingly targeted by the Taliban.

The Prince, an officer with the Household Cavalry Regiment, became a pilot to increase his chances of being re-deployed to the country.

Speaking last June about his flying training, he said: "I'm really enjoying it and, as everyone knows, it's my easiest way of getting back to the frontline. Maybe safer, maybe not, I don't know."