Property-owning knight 'Sir Barry Brooks' evicted

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A self-styled knight has been evicted from his north London council flat after investigators discovered he owned four other properties, including one in Exmouth, a local authority said.

The man, known as Sir Barry Brooks, was ordered out of the two-bedroom flat in Primrose Hill, north London, after Camden Council found he owned properties across the country.

"Sir" Barry, 47, who bought his knighthood on the internet when he was a student, was found guilty of breaching his tenancy, the council said.

He had moved into the flat in 1998 after telling housing officers he was homeless.

But suspicions were raised after council officers saw two Jaguar cars - a gold XKR sport and a silver XJS - with personalised number plates parked outside a detached property in Bromley, south east London.

Investigations revealed he owned two houses in Bromley, a property in Exmouth, Devon, and a house in Princes Risborough, Buckinghamshire, worth about £700,000.