Question: How many police does it take to move a mobility scooter? Answer: Two police patrol cars and a PCSO

Wiltshire police have defending using a police escort to move a mobility scooter

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Wiltshire police have defended using a convoy of patrol cars to escort a community support officer riding a mobility scooter.

The scooter was being driven to a nearby police station in Salisbury following the arrest of a man on suspicion of theft and assault.

Police decided the easiest way of getting the scooter to the police station was to ask a PCSO to ride it there, escorted by two marked patrol cars.

A passenger in a vehicle passing took footage of the incident which was later posted on the LiveLeak website under the title 'Wiltshire Police Mobility Scooter Convoy Awkward'.

The film, which was recorded on Saturday, shows the mobility scooter being driven slowly along a cycle path and being escorted by two police cars.

Wiltshire Police posted a link to the video clip on the force's Facebook page.

A force spokesman said: "Wiltshire Police needed to move the mobility scooter to a safe location following the arrest of a man on suspicion of theft and assault."

"This was the quickest and safest way to do this."