Race-hate mags sent to police

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POLICEMEN on the beat across Britain are being targeted with race- hate leaflets disguised to look like Scotland Yard's in-house magazine, writes Jojo Moyes. The leaflets, virulently anti-Jewish and anti-black, are entitled "Tomorrow's Job" in a style which resembles The Job - the magazine of the Metropolitan police.

The authors, calling themselves Inner Circle Researchers and thought to be linked to the British National Party, claim that earlier this year they sent personally addressed copies to 4,000 high-ranking police officers in England and Wales. Their action led to a police investigation and a series of raids, but now the Crown Prosecution Service has declined to prosecute them.

In a new leaflet and press release, they boast that "now that the legality of Tomorrow's Job has been confirmed", they will extend its circulation to officers in Scotland and Northern Ireland, and they will encourage its handing out to "individual Bobbies [sic] on the beat".

The situation is causing concern in Scotland Yard and the Police Federation, not least because of the possibility - apparent in the usage of police terminology - that serving officers might be involved. The Metropolitan Police Commissioner, Sir Paul Condon, has launched an inquiry.

A spokesman for the Police Federation said that the publication was "disgraceful" and "disgusting". He denied that Inner Circle Researchers could have any link with the police.

Inner Circle Researchers describes itself as "an association of people with a nationalist and racialist viewpoint".