Rail increases: Fare or unfair?

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Here are some exmplaes of nex year's rail fare increases:

* Supersaver fare from London to Swindon rising from £20 to £23, an increase of 15 per cent

* A Cardiff to Manchester advanced-purchase ticket will increase by 9.4 per cent, from £11 to £12

* Virgin Trains anytime standard Manchester-London return ticket up from £247 to £262, a six per cent increase

* A turn-up-and-go return from London to Bristol Temple Meads up from £153 to £159

* Unregulated, off-peak fare, Aylesbury to High Wycombe, increasing from £7.00 to £7.20

* Off-peak day return London-Sevenoaks up from £8.80 to £9.40. Same ticket for London-Folkestone Central up from £24.60 to £26.40