Reham Khan, former BBC presenter, embroiled in row over 'fake qualifications'

The journalist took to Twitter to defend herself from the claims made against her by the Daily Mail

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A former BBC presenter has come under fire after a newspaper reported that the qualifications she claimed to have don’t even exist.

The Daily Mail claims 42-year-old journalist Reham Khan earned her role as a reporter on the BBC regional show South Today after undertaking a postgraduate course “in Broadcast Journalism at North Lindsay [sic] College,” in Scunthorpe, Lincolnshire.

However, says the Daily Mail, according to officials at North Lindsey, it has never offered that course, doesn’t teach journalism and added that the institution could find no record of anyone with Mrs Khan’s name or age having ever enrolled.

Mrs Khan – who is married to Pakistani politician and former cricketer Imran Khan and who left Britain for Pakistan two years ago – hit back at the allegations, hinting the timing of them was “highly suspicious” and that they were the work of “a select lobby” in Pakistan because she has tried to “address real pertinent issues” in the country.

The journalist took to Twitter to unleash a tirade of comments, vehemently making clear her feelings on the claims being made against her:

She then issued a statement:

She finally rounded-off by saying:

Mrs Khan is currently host of her own talk-show in Pakistan, The Reham Khan Show, which seeks to alter Pakistan’s image by inviting a new celebrity on each week to tell the story of their life in an ‘inspiring’ way.