Road rage erupts after wardens withdrawn

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The withdrawal of traffic wardens from a quiet seaside resort has caused road rage, traffic jams and an unexpected yearning for parking tickets.

Since traffic wardens in the Welsh market town of Aberystwyth were laid off a week ago there has been so much illegal and inconsiderate parking that some roads have become impassable.

At least one fist fight has broken out between motorists on the streets of the university town and there have been many heated rows.

Aberystwyth is switching from traffic wardens employed by the police in favour of council-paid parking attendants. But while the wardens have gone it could be a year before attendants are walking the streets. Business leaders blame police and Ceredigion County Council for failing to coordinate.

"It's only a week since the wardens were laid off and Aberystwyth is in chaos, and things can only get worse," said Chris Mackenzie-Grieve, chairman of Aberystwyth Chamber of Commerce.