Ronnie Pickering road rage video finds fame online after expletive-filled exchange caught on camera

Footage emerges showing driver asking motorcyclist for a ‘bare-knuckled fight’

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GoPro footage has emerged showing a driver by the name of Ronnie Pickering involved in an expletive-filled bout of road rage.

Watch the video below. Warning – strong language.


The video starts off innocuously with the motorcyclist overtaking the driver of a cherry-red Citroen Picasso. But, the driver who we later find out to be called Ronnie Pickering, takes issue with this and demands the motorcyclist to pull over.

What ensues is a verbal attack against the man on the moped.

Mr Pickering calls the motorcyclist a “c***”, “f***ing k***head” and a “*f***ing muppet” in quick succession, before asking him “do you know who I am?”

The driver repeats his name three times - each time getting more frustrated as the motorcyclist shows little care for the identity of the driver. As the motorcyclist begins to set off, Mr Pickering, now visibly irritated, shouts “Let’s have a f***ing bare-knuckle [fight] then!”

The motorcyclist uninterested in a physical encounter replies, “I didn’t say I wanted to fight with you… I was just turning the corner, and you was blasting your horn like an idiot!” However, Mr Pickering does not want to drop the issue, shouting “I’ll put you in a f***ing infirmary, you c***!”

The confrontation continues until the motorcyclist says he’ll be uploading the video to YouTube.

The video, which has been re-uploaded by the motorcyclist’s friend, has nearly 100,000 views in less than 24 hours. It probably means the name ‘Ronnie Pickering’ will go the same way as ‘Leeroy Jenkins’.